In The Beginning…

One of the projects I undertook over the past few weeks, was to redesign this blog.  I had never liked the design that was originally imbedded with our website and two years ago I decided to use a separate host.  I picked a template and configured it – at least as best I could.  To be generous, it sucked.  After a while, I just stopped posting – frankly, I was a bit embarrassed by it and it was way too distracting. Fixing it is one of those things that just never got to the top of the to do list. Until now.

I have been writing Financial In$ight for three decades.  It morphed from a monthly printed and mailed newsletter to a blog.  Communicating with our clients and followers is important.  The financial world is a big place and I cherish the opportunity to make it a bit smaller.  I needed to solve this problem.

I knew what I wanted.  A clean simple page that is easy to read and free of clutter and distractions.  I wanted to embed videos as well. This time, I outsourced.  I found a young designer, just out of school and itching to get some real world experience.  He was everything I was looking for.  If you ever need some help in this area, Dominique Northeside is your guy.  Tell him I sent you.

Over the coming weeks, months and years, you will find all kinds of information, decades of wisdom and honest commentary here.  Unfiltered and unbiased. No outside influence. I call it like I see it. You can subscribe by email, and in most cases the postings will be linked on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.  There is a comment section, so feel free to ask questions which are welcome and encouraged.

Happy New Year. Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow… It’s Time To Start Planning.

The Bottom Line: Enjoy the read.

–Michael Ross, CFP®

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